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Taking the Hassle out of International Shipping

At LANNA SHIPPING, we understand that moving overseas tends to be a big hassle. That is why we offer international shipping assistance to customers throughout North America, with a local focus here in Chicago, Illinois. Please reach out to us for additional information on the following shipping methods if you are relocating internationally. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the logistics of your move during a moving consultation.

By Air

Air freight is the quickest method of transportation, but it can also be the most expensive if your belongings are oversized or heavy. Air shipments are best suited for smaller, lightweight shipments, or shipments in which time is a greater factor than price. The transit time for air shipments depends on the frequency of flights to the destination, it can range anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. The cost of shipping by air depends upon several factors including the dimensions, weight, and destination of your shipment.

Air shipments to most destinations have minimum charges. It would not be economical to send very small parcels or mailing envelopes by this method. For these types of shipments, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS is a better option.

By Truck

Trucking is an option for shipments throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Trucking costs are based on the weight of the shipments, and size can be a factor for very large or odd sized shipments. Rates vary depending upon the origin and destination, whether it is a commercial or residential delivery, whether the shipment is to a nearby agent or a door move, and the value of the shipment. Depending upon the type of shipment, we recommend crating the shipment before trucking to reduce the risk of damage in transit. 

By Ocean

There are two methods of shipping by ocean: LCL (less-than-container load) and container shipping.

Shipping Containers and Crates

Large Containers

Less-than-Container Load

LCL is used for shipments smaller than a full container load. We build the crate to fit your belongings. The charge is based on the total cubic feet of the finished crate. The price of crating is included in this charge. There is also a $45.00 export fee for each shipment. This fee covers the needed U.S. Customs documentation.

It is the consignee's (the person who receives the shipment) responsibility to clear customs in the destination country. Unless otherwise arranged, shipments are from our warehouse in Chicago to the agent in the destination city. Depending upon the destination, the transit times for these shipments range from four to eight weeks.

Container Shipping

Several sizes are available for container shipping. The smallest option is the 20-foot container, which is approximately 7.5' high X 7.5' wide X 19.5' long, and it holds about 1,000 cubic feet. The 40-foot container has the same dimensions except for the length, which is 39.5', and it holds about 2,000 cubic feet. There is also a 45-foot container, which is five feet longer than the 40-foot container and holds about 2,250 cubic feet.

If you are unsure as to what size of shipping container you need, you can contact us to receive a free estimate. The charges for container shipments are given in a lump sum. These charges vary depending on the size of the container, origin and destination ports, and amount of packing and loading time that is involved. The transit time for these shipments ranges from six to eight weeks.