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A Consultative Approach to Overseas Shipping

LANNA SHIPPING will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about shipping your belongings overseas. We provide free estimates over the phone or at your residence if you live within the Chicago, Illinois, region. By estimating the total cubic feet of your shipment, we are able to determine the shipping method that is most economical for you, whether it is crating your belongings or loading them directly into your own container.

Packing and Boxes

Common Dilemmas with Long-Distance Moving

Often with long-distance moving, it is difficult to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. By providing us with the dimensions of the item in question, we can tell you the total cubic feet and approximately how much you will be paying to ship it.

How to pack these items can also be a concern. We have listed a number of helpful packing tips for your reference. Feel free to contact us if you are wondering which items should be broken down, set aside for the professionals, etc.

Another dilemma often encountered is which appliances to take with, which to purchase here, and which to purchase overseas. The answer to these questions is dependent upon several factors. We discuss all of these concerns and any others that you might have about moving logistics during the consultation.