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Packing Tips

» Often, more time than expected is needed to properly pack your belongings. Purchase the necessary packing materials (such as boxes and tape) ahead of time, save your newspapers to wrap fragile items, and begin packing items that are not often used.

» Use strong and proper sized cartons for each type of household item. Use larger cartons for lighter items and smaller cartons for heavier objects. If possible, use the same sized cartons to facilitate checking and loading and to minimize the total cubic footage used.

» Repackage brand new items in their original cartons to save space. Pack dishes and records vertically, never flat. Put books together in the same carton.

» Pack any heavy items, such as dishes, at the bottom of the carton, and wrap each one individually. Pack delicate items, like crystal, glass, bric-a-brac, and figurines on top. To cushion fragile items, wrap them separately with clothes, linens, or newspapers. These act as cushions and save space in other cartons.

» Loosely packed cartons that are not properly closed invite problems. Pack items tightly, filling every space if possible. Close your carton with high quality, fiber impregnated, wide plastic, or paper tape.

» OMake a list of items packed in each box and number the boxes in sequence for reference. (Example: 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc.)